Assemble is a community space where artists, technologists, and makers gather to create, connect, learn, and transform together. We wrote down our approach into this playbook so that our neighbors around the world can remix it for themselves.

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Start Here

If this is your first time here, it's nice to meet you! Please start here for an introduction to the Assemble playbook and a few ideas for how to explore it. (5 min read)


How to Use This Playbook

About Assemble

Next stop Garfield! Learn a little bit about us, our history, and what we believe in*.* (10 min read)

What is Assemble?

A Short History

Vision, Mission, & Values

How to Assemble

Explore our DNA: the parts and pieces that are essential to what we're doing. If you want to try out the Assemble approach yourself, read this part closely! **(120 min read)






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